Some rest and celebrations

Today work and school started again after a beautiful Easter break! (quite a long one this year in Cantabria!)

The weather has been gorgeous, finally warming up after a long winter. We have been able to take the boys to the beach, to parks, to the zoo, and let them loose in our garden where they never run out of energy jumping on the trampoline, running after a football or playing on bikes and scooters. We are so thankful for the home we rent. We pray we can live here for a few more years at least!

We enjoyed celebrating Jesus’s death and resurrection with our church and community. We helped organise an egg painting event for families, an idea (or dream) that a Croatian single mother of two sets of twins had. She’s a member of our church and she filled the building with her own friends and children plus a few families from church and we had a great time. It was so exciting to see her happy, after years of depression, feeling loved and restored!

We also got an unexpected call on Easter Sunday morning, from our pastor who had fallen ill and wondered if one of us could preach. So Darren did and I translated for him, and it was great. It’s so amazing to celebrate Jesus’ victory over death! We then spent the rest of the day with the church in a picnic, women talking, men kicking a ball… you know 🙂

As well as Easter last week we had a few other celebrations: 6 years since Luke came home from hospital, Darren’s birthday and our 12th wedding anniversary!

God is good!

Well this is me writing about myself.... Things I like: Riding motorbikes, or anything with an engine, just starting to get into woodwork and gardening, messing around on computers, my Nasa cup full of Tea made by someone else, my iphone - I could not love a human child more (joke!), surfing - although I'm rubbish and out of shape, fish and chips also english breakfasts, organisation, good design, oh and my family Things I dislike: liver and kindneys, colds, dust, hanging wet cloths out to dry, people touching my face (I really hate it), stepping in water with just socks on, Telefonica, misunderstandings.
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