About time we wrote something!!

I’m horrified!! Last time I wrote I was convinced that we would write more often! I had realised that we really DO NEED your prayer support and that we should make sure we keep you up to date… yet here we are! I don’t even want to count how many months have passed! I am challenged by the example of my parents: for 36 years they have been writing to their supporters monthly!!

Anyway… d’you want to hear the news??

We still don’t own the house we’ve been hoping for since May! It should happen any moment now (I know we’ve been saying that since the summer!) but please pray as we get close to the signing moment that the bank really does grant us the mortgage and there will be no more hurdles with the sellers…!

Our boys are all doing really well. The twins are hilarious and so clever. All three of them (usually) play together really well. Luke is being more and more challenged at school, he is in Year 3! Please pray for his reading and maths…. He’s just had another set of “botox” injections and he’s getting new braces made this month too – both things should continue to help him with movement but also allow him to grow taller and stronger.

At La Industria, our discipleship program, we are enjoying having a new team member, Anna, who some of you know from her time in Jersey last year. She’s fantastic and so much help for us! Aaron is also awesome, growing more and more in his role in the team. (Of course the Andersons and Hills continue to be with us and we love working with them!)

This year we have a small group of 5 students, which in some ways is great, they are more manageable than a big group! but it means we are really struggling financially to cover costs as a ministry. We are finishing our productions for highs schools and churches and start travelling and performing at the end of the month.

Since I AM going to write again soon I don’t want this post to be too long… Next time I’ll tell you a story/testimony…

Prayer summary:

  • That we will be able to buy the house!!
  • For Luke’s continual growth and development, especially academically at the moment
  • For La Industria’s students, financial provision to keep the ministry going, and impact in the events we do in schools and churches

Thanks!! Love you!!

And if you are up for praying more…

After almost 10 years “as missionaries” in Spain we have finally made a private facebook group for more detailed prayer matters and testimonies. If you would like to be added to the group, please let us know. Thanks!!




Mariberta Kilford
Mariberta Kilford
Mariberta, also known as Maria by most English speakers..., the third of four children, I grew up in Burgos, a city in the North of Spain. I was actually born in USA, but my parents moved to Spain as missionaries when I was a baby. From childhood I have believed in God and have had a relationship with Him. In my early twenties I discovered that my passion is to disciple young people, to help them discover who they are in Christ, and to help them find ways to reach out to others with the Gospel. I like pretty spaces and I love things to be well organised. I tend to like greens and earthy colors. I had to wait a couple of years for Darren to agree to go out with me. I think I always look forward to the future although I do enjoy thinking about the past. My favorite Psalm is number 16.
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