Summery summary

We must be in about the middle of the school summer break here in Spain… We’ve just wrapped up our 9-month discipleship school with a beautiful Graduation, a week after we returned from the two camps we ran at a nearby monastery and where we basically lived for almost 20 days. So in the peace of quiet of this moment, after the unusual heat wave that hit us earlier in the week and saw me and the boys limited to relaxing and chilling (also drying lots of laundry), I intend to somehow wrap up in a few paragraphs the last 10 months… Let’s see!

About the discipleship course

To be honest, this year the 9-month course has been very challenging mainly due to student discipline. In a way it feels like the whole course went by really fast… having to deal with a lot of unforeseen issues took a lot of time, and we already are short on time as it is!

  • The good thing: we have seen lives turn around radically for Christ. Not just a little bit, with one foot in His ways and another in the world, but a total turn around towards Him. We feel He has brought freedom from legalism, addiction, orphan hearts and from compromise.
  • Another good thing: as a team we have felt unity through it all!
  • More good things: Our team and students have served and ministered to about a couple thousand young people throughout Spain, through the youth events in churches, the values show in high-schools, international trips, both camps, and other opportunities.
    We have heard many testimonies of lives touched and we also know that most of the fruit of what we do is unseen, as we plant seeds in young lives, that sometimes take a long time to bloom. For example, we just heard from a young man who recalls coming to camp 9 years ago (when we first moved here) and hearing God’s voice for the first time. He thanked us this summer for doing the camps and for the impact it has had in his life!

We are now in the process of interviewing for students for next year, we start again in October. Please pray for discernment and wisdom! Also that God would send us some guys! We only have girl applications at the moment.

About our family life

Luke, Nolan and Eliot are enjoying the summer break. We “moved” to camps a few days after school finished and they loved being there with all the young people and the activity around them. Now we are getting used to being at home, the garden, our paddling pool, our toys… We are so thankful for God’s provision! They are playing really well together (of course, there’s a lot of arguing and fighting too…). Luke will be starting year 3 in September!! Incredible. And the twins will be turning 4 years old in September. We hope to visit Jersey mid August so some of you will be able to see how they’ve grown and how sweet and cheeky they are.

Since returning from Jersey last summer where we talked and prayed with you about our housing situation, we started to have more and more of an interest in buying a house so we’ve viewed “millions” and we are about to make an offer in one this week! We appreciate your prayers for wisdom and favour, we only want it if God wants it (just as we realise we can only have it if God makes it possible!)

About praying for us

We want to thank you for your time, your support, friendship and most of all prayers. We feel we must somehow get better at asking for prayer! We realise that somehow we are in the front-line of a spiritual battle to advance God’s kingdom in Spain, hence it is not easy and we need to find our strength in prayer, that we do ourselves but also that others intercede for us. We may start a private facebook prayer group or something… please let us know if you would like to be included.

All our love and best summer whishes!

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Mariberta Kilford
Mariberta Kilford
Mariberta, also known as Maria by most English speakers..., the third of four children, I grew up in Burgos, a city in the North of Spain. I was actually born in USA, but my parents moved to Spain as missionaries when I was a baby. From childhood I have believed in God and have had a relationship with Him. In my early twenties I discovered that my passion is to disciple young people, to help them discover who they are in Christ, and to help them find ways to reach out to others with the Gospel. I like pretty spaces and I love things to be well organised. I tend to like greens and earthy colors. I had to wait a couple of years for Darren to agree to go out with me. I think I always look forward to the future although I do enjoy thinking about the past. My favorite Psalm is number 16.
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