New Year, new challenges

Two months into 2016 and we feel it’s time to write you a little update. We were super blessed to see some of you in Jersey right at the start of the year; the whole family tagged along Darren as he went to work in Freedom Media.

The discipleship program that we began in October continues to take most of our time. Lately it has been very intense and we’ve had to make some difficult decisions in discipling these young people. Please continue to pray for wisdom for us and for our team of teachers and mentors, and pray for renewed love and compassion.

Beautiful Anna looking cold in Jersey… We think she is ready to come back to a warmer climate.

It has been our desire (and need) to grow our team and we are super excited to be making plans with Anna Patricia (who is in Jersey at the moment). Anna was a wonderful student four years ago. She has a beautiful humble and creative heart and is very talented. We are thrilled about the prospect of having her working with us, taking some of our load, allowing us to develop other areas that we have vision for. She was planning to look for part-time work and raise support for the “other half”, but we have encouraged her to start with full support as we feel there is so much for her to do, especially in the first year as she learns the roles, responsibilities, jobs, prepares her classes etc… it all takes longer at first. So we ask you to pray for provision for her, and do speak to her if you would like to support her and bless us in this way. We are so thankful for her as we’ve been really praying for “more workers as the harvest is great”.

Luke thumbs up

Luke is such a cool dude.

As you probably know, Luke wears “afos” (braces for his legs). He outgrows them roughly in a year and we find them to be very expensive, yet God has been faithful every year in providing for them. Previously it has been through friend’s and family generous gifts but this year God got more creative: Luke’s rehabilitation doctor organised a national orthopaedics conference in our city and brought the best experts in treating gait of Europe (the world?). Luke was chosen as a study case and they made him some awesome new afos! They are very different and stretch his legs more than the previous ones so we are hopeful that they will really help him, and they were free! So praise God who always provides and who can do so much more than we dare imagine!

We see God answering prayers almost daily, and there are others that we are still waiting on, but we do not lose hope or faith, and we pray the same for you! 

Well this is me writing about myself.... Things I like: Riding motorbikes, or anything with an engine, just starting to get into woodwork and gardening, messing around on computers, my Nasa cup full of Tea made by someone else, my iphone - I could not love a human child more (joke!), surfing - although I'm rubbish and out of shape, fish and chips also english breakfasts, organisation, good design, oh and my family Things I dislike: liver and kindneys, colds, dust, hanging wet cloths out to dry, people touching my face (I really hate it), stepping in water with just socks on, Telefonica, misunderstandings.
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  • Andrew

    Awesome. May Jesus be ever more evident to you. Love you all the de g’s xxxxx

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