November 2015

It is so warm lately that we are finding it hard to believe we are already in November and some are counting down to Christmas…

In October we received our new 9 students and we have been very busy running the discipleship program. Amongst other things, Darren is teaching Media to 4 students, Maria is heading up the Production area, and we are both involved in teaching a lot of the spiritual curriculum. We have started using the Hillsong College material to complement our other teaching, as we feel each year the students come with less understanding of the Bible and spiritual things. We ask you to pray for our students, some of them are really hungry for a personal encounter with Jesus. It is amazing to us that they have decided to dedicate a year to God even when they feel they have not really met Him yet, but we believe they are in the right place indeed and pray for the immense revelation of his love and presence in their lives soon.

Our little big boys are doing well. Nolan and Eliot are enjoying school, friends, coloring, cutting, pasting, building, kicking, fighting, and learning words in two languages. Luke is about to turn seven and we continue to marvel at the miracle of his life. Just last week we bumped into a family with a little girl with a similar prognosis and we were reminded again of God’s hand on his life: She has had 14 surgeries just to do with her brain shunt… our Luke has had 0 procedures since he left the hospital 6 and a half years ago!! Praise the Lord!

Since we came back from Jersey in the summer something shifted in us and we both have a desire to search for a property to purchase. So we have been busy checking lots of homes around. Please pray for us for wisdom (and then favour!!).

We are enjoying friendships and community in our church, we have started leading a small group again and it’s encouraging to see the hunger for his presence and glory growing. We are expecting God to do great things and are preparing ourselves for it!

We thank you for your prayers, your messages, your teabags, and financial support. We are honoured to serve God here in Spain and to have you in our “mission team”. May you enjoy the autumn and the crazy run-up to Christmas!!

All our love and prayers for Peace and Joy,

The Kilford Family


Mariberta Kilford
Mariberta Kilford
Mariberta, also known as Maria by most English speakers..., the third of four children, I grew up in Burgos, a city in the North of Spain. I was actually born in USA, but my parents moved to Spain as missionaries when I was a baby. From childhood I have believed in God and have had a relationship with Him. In my early twenties I discovered that my passion is to disciple young people, to help them discover who they are in Christ, and to help them find ways to reach out to others with the Gospel. I like pretty spaces and I love things to be well organised. I tend to like greens and earthy colors. I had to wait a couple of years for Darren to agree to go out with me. I think I always look forward to the future although I do enjoy thinking about the past. My favorite Psalm is number 16.
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  • Jenn

    Great photos and great to read that God is doing such positive things amongst you. Will be praying for spiritual growth especially for any students who have not yet had a full understanding of Jesus’ love for them and of what he has achieved that they may be his representatives……..amazing!

    • Mariberta Kilford

      Thanks Jenn! We really appreciate your time to read, comment and pray!! 🙂

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