Summer camps in a monastery!!

As I sit to write I find myself in a centuries old monastery in the beautiful green mountains of northern Spain. We are in the middle of our first summer camp. Busy young people work in groups in their arts, media and music projects. The surfers and skaters have just gone out to practice their art. A big team of amazing volunteers and talented musicians are working really hard to give the campers an awesome experience. They are being encouraged, valued, trained, loved. From the kitchen to the stage, in every area there are people who love God and love others and who are giving their holidays to serve. It is exciting, it is moving, it is impacting.

God is working in these young people’s lives. Some are coming to know Christ as their Savior, as their Door to the Father. Some are experiencing restoration and healing. Some are laying down their selfish ambitions and are committing to a life following Christ. Holy Spirit is busy, very busy, filling, cleaning, nurturing, encouraging. He brings abundant life, exceeding joy and holiness.

It is so awesome to be here. We are so thankful for the team of people we are privileged to lead. We are so thankful for the team of people who enable us to be here, by praying and by supporting us financially. The impact that these kids’ changed lives will have in the world is unknown to us, but we are sure that Spain will experience more of God’s Kingdom because of them.

In a few days we will have a different group of kids with us, younger ones, from 12 to 14 years old. Please pray for Jesus to meet with them and captivate their lives!

Well this is me writing about myself.... Things I like: Riding motorbikes, or anything with an engine, just starting to get into woodwork and gardening, messing around on computers, my Nasa cup full of Tea made by someone else, my iphone - I could not love a human child more (joke!), surfing - although I'm rubbish and out of shape, fish and chips also english breakfasts, organisation, good design, oh and my family Things I dislike: liver and kindneys, colds, dust, hanging wet cloths out to dry, people touching my face (I really hate it), stepping in water with just socks on, Telefonica, misunderstandings.
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