Seasons Change

Hello Dear Friends!!!

As the seasons change and another autumn very shyly approaches we ourselves are in the midst of a huge season change!

New Directors of La Industria

As you know we have been working with an awesome team lead by John Hill. When we came 7 and a half years ago the team was mainly running the 9-month arts and discipleship program, camps, and several youth events. Since then, and mostly in the last couple of years, we have planted a thriving church, and we have vision to train people to plant churches throughout Spain. John Hill has seen himself busiest with these things, leading the church, discipling new people, and networking with other church planters in the country. We were asked to lead La Industria as a whole ministry from October 2014 and we have humbly and very happily accepted.

As we take on this new role of “Directors of La Industria” we feel very happy and extremely thankful. We learnt so much in our years in Jersey, we admire so many of you in so many ways and still in the distance draw inspiration from you. We are so thankful for your support even in the “baby years” when Maria couldn’t properly go to work. We are so grateful for your friendship, your sense of humour, your love of God, your trust in us…

Luke is now in Year One and although he needs a lot of specialist help he is doing well with his peers and friends. Nolan and Eliot have just started going to the public nursery which is part of Luke’s school. This means Maria can spend a good few hours working at La Industria with Darren, the team, and directly with the students. This is very exciting!

We aim to communicate with you a lot more, and this should be the first of many short letters we want to send you.

Well this is me writing about myself.... Things I like: Riding motorbikes, or anything with an engine, just starting to get into woodwork and gardening, messing around on computers, my Nasa cup full of Tea made by someone else, my iphone - I could not love a human child more (joke!), surfing - although I'm rubbish and out of shape, fish and chips also english breakfasts, organisation, good design, oh and my family Things I dislike: liver and kindneys, colds, dust, hanging wet cloths out to dry, people touching my face (I really hate it), stepping in water with just socks on, Telefonica, misunderstandings.
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