Smells like Christmas

Today Monday 15th December we have started the last week of the first trimestre! Our little boys are busy preparing for their Christmas shows on Friday and getting exciting for the coming weeks of holidays, visits to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, seeing the cousins, and of course, presents! Our “big kids”, those at La Industria, are busy with similar things! They will be performing in our church Christmas event, and they are starting to get excited about their holidays back home with their families.

Last week we had “seminar week” with Peter and Mariette Stott from Havant, England. I, Maria, had the privilege of translating and witnessing what God did in their lives… A m a z i n g !!! I can’t really capture it in a few lines…. I’d just say it’s amazing when we allow the Holy Spirit himself to reveal truths to our heart and the transformation that happens. Up until last week the music practices had been really hard work and it barely sounded or felt like worship… But there was breakthrough and we are now really excited as we plan for many youth events in 2015. Our desire is to host the Presence of God and see His Kingdom come to Spain!! Pray for us as we do this!

I hear the students singing their Christmas songs, almost ready for our church program on Sunday, the biggest outreach event we do all year. Our warehouse overflows with people, friends, and neighbours. Pray for us that many will meet with Jesus, the real reason for all this music, decorating and baking. And may you too, in this Christmastime, may you be full of the Joy, Peace and Justice He came to bring!!!

Well this is me writing about myself.... Things I like: Riding motorbikes, or anything with an engine, just starting to get into woodwork and gardening, messing around on computers, my Nasa cup full of Tea made by someone else, my iphone - I could not love a human child more (joke!), surfing - although I'm rubbish and out of shape, fish and chips also english breakfasts, organisation, good design, oh and my family Things I dislike: liver and kindneys, colds, dust, hanging wet cloths out to dry, people touching my face (I really hate it), stepping in water with just socks on, Telefonica, misunderstandings.
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