La Industria is a discipleship school with a strong emphasis on art, music, community and revival.
La Industria carries out a 9-month program designed for young people ages 18 to 25 and are looking for a hands-on practical ministry and training in art and music.

Discipleship & Creative Residential Course

We offer a program packed with opportunities to learn more about God from a variety of teachers and settings, and to grow closer to Him, allowing His truth to impact and bring lasting change. Alongside the spiritual curriculum, students dedicate 9 months to develop their musical or artistic skills through classes, team work, and many performances (mainly youth events and high school outreach programs). We love to watch the transformation in the students as they go through the program. God does amazing things, He is so good!!!

Youth Summer Camps
During the summer La Industria holds a 10 day art and music camp for youth ages 15-21, and a 6 day one for ages 12-14. Year after year we see God doing great deep work in young people’s lives during the camps.

Youth Events
As part of the 9 month program, the students put together a couple of productions, where they apply their artistic or musical skills as they serve and encourage others. Local churches from all over Spain invite us to go to their cities where we do a show in high schools and we do a lively youth event which usually includes music and ministry. We love to see God using our students  to impact the lives of other youth in Spain!

Here is some feedback from La Industria’s students. This is what they had to say:

“These nine months have been a complete transformation for me. I have come to have a true intimacy with God, something I have never experienced.”

“God has restored my perspective on relationships. Before I couldn’t stand being with people for very long, but I’ve come to understand that God has had to prune me in this area…”

“God has changed my character, the way I see life, my priorities, my values, my thoughts, even the way I speak!”

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