Back to School 2015…

We had a fantastic time in Jersey in August!! We are so thankful for our friends opening up their homes to our big noisy family!! It was really great to be at Freedom Church for three Sundays, which allowed us to see many of you and give/get lots of hugs! We enjoyed a lot of quality time and fab food with our closest friends, and we definitely came back feeling super encouraged, supported and loved. So, thank you Jersey!! We love you.

It was great to share in our Tapas night what we’ve been seeing God do here in Spain and if you are a new follower of our family or blog… welcome! We really value your support and your prayers as an essential element of what is going on here.

We still had a coupe of weeks of school holiday after our return from Jersey and family members from both sides came to visit. This week Nolan and Eliot turned three and we had most of our church creche kids and families come for a little party. And now school has finally started again!! Hurrah!

The days are much shorter and we are busy preparing things for the next group of La Industria students arriving at the end of the month. At the moment we have 9 young people coming from all over Spain, and one from Chicago! Darren is exhausted as this week he and a bunch of guys from church have been working hard in our warehouse, building two new rooms as well as a lot of repairs and maintenance jobs.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Mariberta Kilford
Mariberta Kilford
Mariberta, also known as Maria by most English speakers..., the third of four children, I grew up in Burgos, a city in the North of Spain. I was actually born in USA, but my parents moved to Spain as missionaries when I was a baby. From childhood I have believed in God and have had a relationship with Him. In my early twenties I discovered that my passion is to disciple young people, to help them discover who they are in Christ, and to help them find ways to reach out to others with the Gospel. I like pretty spaces and I love things to be well organised. I tend to like greens and earthy colors. I had to wait a couple of years for Darren to agree to go out with me. I think I always look forward to the future although I do enjoy thinking about the past. My favorite Psalm is number 16.
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Our Jersey event with tapas and mission update